Candy Glitter – Sugar Baby Fucks You Over

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Princess Candy Glitter I know that you’ve fantasized about having a sugar ****, haven’t you? Some hot young girl, half your age, to parade around and fuck, even if it’s just for your money. It would be so fun to pay her to flirt with you and call you Step-Daddy and do whatever you ask. But, unfortunately for you, you are too much of a loser to have a sugar ****. You’re too much of a loser to get anything in return. The best you could hope for is for some hot young girl to come by and take your cash and then just leave you there, like the idiot you are. You’d be lucky to even see her for those two minutes when she shows up just to take you to the atm and walk away. Besides, if you have to pay a girl to be near you then you don’t deserve her at all. Sugar Step-Daddies are just pathetic and you’re not even worthy of being one of those. You just need to accept that the only thing you can do just for a bit of my attention, is to pay me. I don’t care how much money you have or how good looking you think you are, or how big your dick is, you’re just a loser to me. A loser that I can fuck over. You don’t deserve sex, I don’t care how much you pay. You don’t deserve to fuck me or any other hot young thing. You deserve to pay, you’re not a fucking sugar Step-Daddy, don’t get confused. You are just a pay pig put on this earth to be fucked over for your cash by hot young brats who don’t give a fuck about you. You just get to pay and get nothing in return, until you’re fucking broke and in debt. Little financial slave loser boys don’t need to have sex. You just need to pay and that will be your sex life. Paying for sex and companionship is not for you. You’re nothing but a loser. You want me as your arm candy? You wish! I’m way too hot for you, even if you pay. The best sex you can hope for is to go home and jerk off after I’ve allowed you to see my hot body and cash [email protected] you. You’re just a submissive, eager to please loser, why would I want to have sex with you? I don’t. Really. I just want your cash so I can laugh in your face as I walk away with it. I want to take your money because I deserve it and you don’t because you’re a fucking loser. We both know you’d never get attention from me without paying. Your wallet is the the key to your sex life, it’s the key to you getting any scrap of attention from a girl of my caliber. You don’t deserve a sugar ****. It wouldn’t matter how much you paid me, I could never pretend to be interested in a loser like you. But I will take your money and laugh at you and humiliate you right to your fucking face. Financial domination is the only kind of arrangement you’re ever going to have with a hot young sugar ****. And honestly handing over your cash to me is a privilege because otherwise you wouldn’t even be breathing the same air as a hot, gorgeous woman like me. So this is a privilege and I want you to beg for it. I want you to beg me, say, ‘Please Princess, let me pay you for nothing in return.’ LOL! You fucking loser! You need to be financially ruined by a hot brat. Just accept it loser!

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