Candy Glitter – Stop Thinking, Start Gooning 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 13:14
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Turn your brain off, right now. It’s time to start gooning for me. It’s time to start pumping your cock until your mind is blank and you are nothing more than a horny addicted little stroker drone. Don’t think, just goon. Give in to the temptation. Give in to your gooner urges. You want to be mindless for me. Start now. Pump your cock, stare at me as you become a weak little drone, a mindless little stroke puppet. Harder. Faster. Don’t think, just goon. The only thing you need to do is stroke. Edge. Pump. Beat your cock until you can’t think straight. Say “I will goon for Princess Candy” You don’t need to think for yourself when you have me. I’ll do all of the thinking for you. Nod your head “yes” and place your hand on your cock. Stroke for me while you watch hours and hours of my clips. Edge until your brain is broken for me. Edge until your cock is aching, and desperate for an orgasm, and then – KEEP PUMPING, GOONER BOY.

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