Candy Glitter – Sniff & Lick My Stinky Feet

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Duration: 11:33
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I just got back from the gym, and I am feeling generous. I had such a long work out! There was so much sweat. And now my sock and shoes are so stinky. My soles are covered in sweat! They stink so much! So get down on your knees, and get ready to lick, sniff and worship my stinky feet. First you’ll start with my shoes, then we will move to my socks! Take deep inhales, sniffing them, and then I will allow you to begin to lick! This is like heaven for you, isn’t it? Are you ready to sniff and lick my perfect feet? They are so stinky, get ready loser! Lick my soles, lick my toes, bury your nose in between my toes and sniff! You are a lucky loser, aren’t you? My little foot freak! Don’t forget to thank me for allowing you to worship my perfect stinky feet.

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