Candy Glitter – Lonely Losers Belong In Chastity Home Alone While I Drain Their Credit Cards

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Princess Candy Glitter You deserve to be at home, locked up, with your wallet out. I am going to go out on dates, and go shopping and I’m going to take your credit card and pay for all of it. I’m going to go out on dates with other men and you just get to sit at home, locked up in your cage, frustrated, while I get pleasure. I deserve pleasure, you don’t. Get used to being locked up at home alone like the lonely fucking pay pig pervert that you are. This is what you need, this is what you deserve. I want you at home, all alone and pathetic, unable to touch your cock, as you watch your credit card statement at home and see how much I’m spending. You’ll feel so fucking pathetic. You’re just a locked up wallet to me. I know you love handing over your credit to me while I completely deny you. The thought makes you twitch and throb in your cage. And the more you twitch and throb in your cage, the more your brain turns to mush. And then it just gets easier and easier for me to fuck you over. You love getting drained by me with your cock in chastity, don’t you? This is what you need. You need to be drained and denied and locked up. You know it’s a privilege to be locked up by me as I drain your credit. You know you’re lucky that I take the time to pay attention to you to do this to you. You love when I use your card, don’t you? You love when I own your cock and your wallet. You want to stay at home alone, night after night, locked up while I go out and spend on your credit card. I know you want this so badly. You don’t even get to stroke! LOL! Just let me drain you, loser. Your cock will be pulsating in your cage every time you get an alert that I’ve just used your card. You’re a little chastity pay pig addict, this is what turns you on, and I know it. So I’m going to make you beg for it. Because I know it feels good to pay me with your cock locked up. This is where you belong, at home, all alone, locked up as I fuck you over.

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