Candy Glitter – Jerk Junkie Idiot Goon

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Duration: 6:30s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Your addiction to porn and masturbation has taken over your fucking life. You’re touching your cock just reading this description. You know that your brain has been overrun by your horniness, and who would’ve fucking guessed- that makes you even hornier. You’ve really gone and fried the last of your functioning brain cells with your endless gooning. You’re pathetic. You honestly get stupider every single day. The rest of your life is falling by the wayside as you jerk perpetually, making yourself dumber and dumber and dumber. Go ahead. Buy this clip. Keep jerking. Get dumber. Let your social life suffer. Abandon your hobbies, you mindless fucking zombie. Let your fucking brain melt as you glue your eyes to the screen and devote the rest of your life to porn. If your porn addiction is taking over your life, use the markup code GOON at checkout.

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