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Duration: 9:47s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’ve been prepping and priming your mind and now it’s finally time for a total GOONER BRAINJACKING. Begin to goon while I manipulate you at the deepest level, using my sexuality and mindfuck tactics to ruin your existence in the best possible way. I am going to take over every part of your mind. I am going to rewire your existence from the inside out. I am going to implant triggers – some obvious and some not so obvious. When I’m finished with you, you won’t be the same. Your mind is ready for this, you are craving this. Stroke your cock while I turn you inside out. You will start to become triggered within your daily life. You will be triggered and prompted to goon, even when you aren’t actively thinking of gooning. This is a mental takeover. This is GOONER BRAINJACKING. Don’t think, just surrender to the brainjacking. This clip will rewire your brain, implant triggers, shift your priorities, and make your cock ache long after the clip is over.

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