Candy Glitter – Degrading Double Load CEI For Filthy Cum Drinking Freaks

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Princess Candy Glitter Alright you nasty little freak, I want you to have a condom full of your own cum. So you need to press stop right now and jerk your dick and pump one out into a condom. Then come back and resume this video. Ok good, so now you have your cum filled condom and I’m sure your dick is already hard thinking about what’s to come. So start stroking it like the disgusting pervert that you are and get ready to have a mouth full of cum. And don’t worry, I’m not going to make you put it all in your mouth at once. No, I’m going to make you do it slowly. Stare at my body you disgusting little perv, my pathetic cum eater. Get that dick hard for me. I know you always want a new way to eat your own cum so that it’s more degrading each time. You need it to be worse each time you nasty little cum drinker. Now I want you to pump your dick with one hand and hold your jizz filled condom in the other. Keep stroking and put the condom up to your mouth, don’t do anything yet, just keep jerking. I’ll bet you can already taste just a bit of the cum, can’t you? And it’s turning you on so much, knowing you’re about to have your own cum in your mouth. It’s so fucking degrading. It’s making your cock swell. Now stick out your tongue just a bit to the tip of the condom and inside of it, and just taste it, just with the tip. Keep pumping you disgusting little cum eater. I’ll bet you’re so eager by now to eat that cum that you just want lift it up and tilt that condom back and swallow it all down your throat. But not yet, this is going to be slow. Stick your tongue in a little deeper, get some more of that cum on your tongue. Deeper now, scoop out more of your cum with your tongue. Keep stroking you nasty little pervert. We both know that you enjoy this, you fucking love it. Jerk it faster now pervert. Tongue it deeper. Now empty all of that cum from your condom into your mouth but don’t you dare swallow it. Hold it in your mouth, taste it, and keep jerking. It turns you on so much to have a mouth full of cum. You are so fucking nasty with a mouth full of cum. You’re so weak for me when you’re like this. Now you’re going to blow your load into your hand with your mouth filled with your own cum. And right when you cum I want you to swallow that load and then you’re going to lick up your new load from the palm of your hand, you nasty fucking cum drinker. You deserve to clean up your own mess. Eat that cum you fucking obedient cum drinker!

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