Candy Glitter – Completely Clothed Completely Censored

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Duration: 9:43s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’ve probably gone through your life thinking you’re not special. People have probably reminded you of this a lot throughout the years, and I would assume this notion has dug itself pretty deep inside of your psyche. But, I’d like to propose a counterpoint. I think you ARE special. I think you’re part of a very unique and special group of men, actually. You know already that you don’t deserve to see the granted access to the body of a gorgeous woman like me. No, we already agree that if my clothes are off in any sort of digital media, that my body should be obscured/pixelated before people like you are allowed to see it. But (and here’s where the SPECIAL part comes in) I think we can go one step further for men like you. I think… you’re part of a group of men that don’t even deserve to see my nude pixelated body. That’s not really a large enough degree of separation. No, I think that in addition to being blurred out, my body should be covered before you’re allowed to set your eyes upon it. So, that’s what this clip is about. In this clip, I’m completely clothed, AND completely censored.

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