Candy Glitter – COCKTOBER 2018

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Duration: 14:40
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Thanks for getting all of my Halloween decorations ready for my Halloween party! You were such a good little slave today. As promised, you may come to my party. Do you have a costume? No? Well I will dress you up myself. I have this frilly little sissy outfit all ready for you! This was my plan all along! All of my hot girlfriends are going to laugh at you in your slutty sissy costume, and then later in the evening you’re going to come up to my bedroom and a bunch of my hot hung guy friends are going to use your holes. Sissy Faggot is a perfect “costume” for you! You’re going to need to take care of that little problem down there first. I see your clit getting hard! I want you to be focused on the task at hand when I am whoring you out, so start rubbing yourself until you squirt and listen closely as I tell you exactly what’s going to happen to your faggot holes tonight…

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