Candy Glitter – Cant Escape Princess Candy

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Duration: 7:45s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You wouldn’t want to anyway. I know you have fleeting delusions of changing your life. I know that you sometimes entertain the strange misconception that your reality could be better if you weren’t serving me. But we all know that all the pursuits that come along with that are hollow and meaningless. Think about what you would do if you weren’t worshipping at my feet. You could go out and try to live a normal life, sure. Maybe you could do it for a short while. But it wouldn’t last. You’d be craving my attention in less than a few days. You’d be aching to serve me in fucking no time. So, it’s time to forget about changing your life. It’s time to stop harboring your misguided thoughts about being normal. It’s time to accept the simple fact, that you can’t escape Princess Candy.

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