BuniBun – Mommy Tucks You In

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Duration: 13:56s
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Hey hunny…I hope you dont mind that I crawled into bed with you, I had this feeling you werent resting good and wanted to check in on you. I also forgot to tuck you in and give you a good night kiss so let me do that now ok? I tuck you in and give you a kiss….do you think youll be able to get some rest now? oh…it looks like mommy has given you a hard on. Mommys tits in your face while tucking you in mustve got your cock hard for mommy hasnt it? I pull my tits out and shove them in your face and let you suck and lick them all over hoping it will get some of your energy and excitement out so it will tire you out. Mommy notices that your still not getting tired…..just more excited! She notices your cock is getting even harder inbetween her legs so she tells you that she knows just what will tire you out. She tells you to relax and let her to all the work as she slips your cock inside her pussy. She starts riding you with a little dirty talk and eventually gives you a mini cumcount of 5 and tells you to cum inside her pussy tiring you out and tucking you back in bed.

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