BruceAndMorgan – Wetting Masturbation 1080p

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Duration: 14:03
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
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You are cordially invited to witness a very intimate masturbation session featuring yours truly, my wand and lots of bodily fluids! I used to be incredibly shy in front of the camera (remember our early vids?) but I’ve have grown much more accustomed to it recently. I just clear all the worries from my mind, ignore the thousands of strangers watching me through the lens and just start caressing myself, softly at first… Whatever reservation I have quickly melts away when I start using the vibrator on my sensitive clit, fondling my breasts and wetting all of that cotton I’m clothed in! As a powerful orgasm washes over me I think of all of you, dear viewers, and imagine you’re cumming at the same time. Connection through sexual pleasure – isn’t that what the world needs right now? – Morgan xx

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