Brook Logan – Joining The Bad Girl Group

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Duration: 08:05
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I am on watch for Tiff, so she doesn’t get caught smoking from the teachers or see us missing our lesson! Were always such bad bitches!! And love it!!! Chloe the college goody girl comes along and wants to join me and tiff!! But there is no way!!! some one as good as her can join our group! We don’t like good girls!!! She just wouldn’t fit in our group being mean and bad! Unless she passes our little test! Which she agrees to do, as she wants to become a bad girl. She follows us, and we have a little surprise for her.. she has to get completely naked and take 2 nice strap on cock’s from myself and tiff ha ha ha Her pussy gets so creamed up as i carry on fucking her and Tiff fucks her mouth with her strap on! Ha ha its so fun, just seeing her take it!!! She passes at the end and we let her join our bad bitch group.

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