Brook Logan – Daddys Used Condoms Over My Face

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Duration: 09:18
Quality: 854x480

I end up in Daddy’s office, he think’s i have not been doing the house work. I tell him i have been and that found i found something in his bedroom.. it was 3 used condoms. I ask him why was they just lying on the floor.. when he knew i was doing the cleaning. He left them there for a reason, and wanted me to find them, so he could have his little way with me. He knows i want to stay over my friends tonight.. And wants me to pour his used condoms over my face for his dirty pleasure… i tell him no, what would mummy think! and that it was totally wrong. There was no way i was doing it! He then says if i don’t do it, i cant stay over her’s… He then also offers me money to…. Which i still didn’t like the idea, but i then gave in to him… I pour all 3 of his used condoms over my face, like a good girl. He then asks me to scoop his cum in to my mouth…. Such a dirty daddy.

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