Britkitty – Shy Girlfriend Seduces You 2160p

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Duration: 11:27
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

Your girlfriend is normally very shy but today you’re in for a treat! You catch her doing her squat workout and can’t help but stare at her ass. Normally she would shoo you away and be upset, but today she gives you a show. She pulls her black leggings down and shakes her ass for you! She does this over and over, knowing how badly she is teasing you. She can see a bulge growing in your pants… but – she wants to go out! She has a pair of black latex leggings she’s been hiding in the closet that she wants to wear out on a date with you. She gets out of her workout clothes and into her latex leggings and a sheer pink button down shirt with a fishnet bra underneath. Wow! You can’t help but get more turned on by seeing her in this sexy outfit. She can tell you’re going crazy so she suggests just *staying in* and showing off her new lingerie. She never wears lingerie so you’re excited to see what she has in store. WOW. The sexiest fishnet lingerie you’ve ever seen. DAMN! You never knew your girlfriend could be such a hot little slut and such a sexy tease! She grabs your cock and starts sucking it, looking up and smiling, knowing how much you love it. Then she turns around, showing off her perfect ass in ripped fishnets and a garter and rides your cock until you both cum! She shows off her holes afterwards and giggles. What a fun night!

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