British Bratz – Melissas Aroma Mind Fuck

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Duration: 5s 920ms
Quality: 1280x720 HD

I want to take you deeper into submission than ever before. I want to play with your mind and senses. I will penetrate your mind with my soothing, powerful and manipulative words. Along with I will brainwash you into TOTAL servitude. really confuse your emotions and senses. I want you to get high today, not only from the but from my superior ways.Grab your bottle of ( ) and prepare yourself for the ultimate control and seduction. You are already a weak willed loser when in my presence but along with the making your head fuzzy you will enter new levels of submission. I am going to overpower your mind, breaking you down with each inhale. I will edge you into . your mind with Princess MELISSA and deepening your levels of submission.Free your mind, lose yourself, inhale, stroke and worship….

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