British Bratz – Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

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You have decided to seek professional help after the mortifying experiences of not being able to ‘get it up’ in intimate situations. You have come to see me to hopefully solve this problem. Don’t worry, I am a qualified Hypn0th3rapist and with one session there is a huge chance of curing you. So just follow my pendant, relax, inhale and exhale and 3,2,1…you’re under. Now that you are under, the mask can come off. I am no intention of helping you nor curing you. I never help men when they come to me. In fact I take advantage of them once under and I actually enjoy worsening their problem. Totally powerless to me right now, I have you where I want you and I will re-progam your mind into becoming my slave. You will get hard but only when serving me. You will do whatever I say, If i say lick my feet or send me a huge tribute you will with the biggest erection of your life.

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