Brat Princess – Sasha Foxxx – I Wonder how it Feels Not Having any Air

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Duration: 13:01
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Sasha Foxx sizes up her victim. She circles him, then sits full-weight on his face. “I wonder how it feels not having any air,” she reflects. Sasha swings her legs and smiles as the victim struggles beneath her. She loves smothering them until they tap out. This one struggles a lot, but Sasha doesn’t care. She shows no mercy. Sasha doesn’t want him to breathe at all. The victim starts to panic. Sasha tells him that if he doesn’t calm down, she’s going to ignore his tapping out and smother him until he’s still. He pulls it together for a little bit then. But not for long. He’s decent with holding his breath, but he can’t take being deprived of air for the duration Sasha wants to sit. His face gets really red, which Sasha thinks is funny. She points out to him how distressed he looks. Sasha removes her leggings and decides to sit on his face in just her thong. This way, when he does get a breath, it’ll be Princess’ dirty panties he’s taking in. Sasha gets happier and happier as her victim becomes more and more desperate to hold onto its miserable life. “It’s kind of fun taking away the one thing you need the most,” Sasha muses. The slave starts really freaking out. Sasha laughs. She reminds the victim that she now has complete control over his life, literally. If she decides not to move, it’ll be the end of him. Sasha gets really turned on smothering the tied-up victim. She starts to sensually grind on his face. It’s ok for Sasha to make herself feel good. She has that privilege. And she doesn’t have to worry at all about her victim enjoying itself. He’s securely locked in chastity. If he dares to get hard, it’ll definitely hurt!

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