Brat Princess – Mariah Kat Soles Ivory – Ballbusting Party For Three Girls Two Slaves

Duration: 42:05
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Part 1 Ivory, Kat, and Mariah are having a party! The girls have some wine and start dancing. Ivory, the party host, leads in a slave on a leash. The girls get a whip and start to whip the slave for some light entertainment. They sip their drinks while taking turns beating the slave. The girls dance around while beating him. Then, they decide to ballbust him. Each girl gets her turn kicking him as hard as she can! Mariah holds the slave still while Kat kicks. Then, they take a break for some snacks. Whatever falls on the floor the slave has to eat. The girls tease the slave by twerking in front of him.

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