Brat Princess – Macy Cartel Natalya – The Beating will Continue until Morale Improves

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Duration: 10:51
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

Macy and Natalya are not happy with the way this save has been handling himself around the sorority house. The girls decide to beat him and see if that causes his attitude to improve. They hit him as hard as they can. When Natalya was riding him earlier, he almost made her fall off of him and she almost hurt her foot. Recalling that incident enrages Natalya and she starts swinging as though she is hitting him with a baseball bat. The slave’s back gets fucked up with welts. Beating him is really helping the girls manage their feelings about the situation. The slave is very dehydrated and loses consciousness during the beating. The girls have actually been beating him for quite a while without even noticing he was out; they’ve been laughing and having such a great time. The girls are upset because they were only half done with the beating and now, they have to stop because he’s not even feeling it. The girls play with his limp body. Once he regains consciousness, they plan to put him right back out with a scissorhold. He’s actually a lot more fun when he’s barely even breathing.

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