Brat Princess – Lola – Cow Receptacle Training 2 Life in the Box

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Duration: 24:33
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is a special Brat Princess holiday release! This is actually 2 clips. In the first c lip Lola has another receptacle training session with Cow Echo on the milking bench with the tormenting software in use. Cow Echo is being rewired to become sexually aroused when he is used as a receptacle. Cow Echo has already been sold to a sorority house so he needs to be fully trained soon. Lola again uses an enema bag to allow a careful drip into the Echos mouth. At one point Cow Echo gets fussy. It is too much for him. Lola does not hesitate to thrash Echo. She whips him with all the force she can muster. The training resumes with another drip. Echo is again beaten. The training and beating continues. The entire time the Cow is on the milking bench with the periodic shocks stopping any orgasm. In part 2, Echo has his first overnight in the Box. Lola will use Echo in her room for the night. Echo will have to get use to the long time periods of isolation he will face as a receptacle. His head is placed in a box and is latched shut. Echo cannot move. A small hole allows a tube to be shoved into Echos mouth. Echo cannot stop it. Lola shows off the flush leash made of twine around Echos balls. Echo will have to flush or his bills will be tugged on. Lola demonstrates the use of Echo.

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