Brat Princess – Lilah Macy Cartel Natalya – 100 Ballkick Welcome to the Sorority

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The girls are welcoming Princess Macy to the sorority house with a ball kicking party! Ballbusting is one of Natalya’s favorite sports and the Brat Princess sorority wins nearly all the games because of her. To entertain their new sorority member Natalya displays her impressive skill. The male lumbers patiently in the doorway waiting for his balls to be kicked. He knows that having his balls kicked is one of the few ways he can make pretty girls happy. The girls count Natalya’s kicks while the sorry looking male stands and takes them. Macy enjoys watching Natalya so much she decides to give the male a few kicks herself. Macy’s got some solid kicks! The sorority might want her to play on their collegiate team this year or at least join them for casual meets. Princess Lilah takes her turn. Princess Torie was in this same sorority when she was in college and Princess Lilah is her legacy. Female Supremacy and hard kicks hardwired are in Lilah’s DNA. Each girl has her own ballkicking style. They take turns so that its fair since everyone enjoys it so much. The girls take a short halftime at 50 kicks to rest their legs. When they come back, they come back even harder. The girls were being fair at first but as they finish him off, they start to bicker over who gets a turn. After a little squabble, each girl gets a share of kicks in. The final kicks are each girl’s hardest yet. The male drops in agony on the 100th kick, administered by newcomer Macy herself! The girls go wild with joy!!! What a wonderful reception in Princess Macy’s honor.

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