Brat Princess – Lilah and Macy Cartel and Natalya Vega – Trample Party for Two Males and Three Brats

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Duration: 26:28
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Three Brat Princesses have two male slaves. The girls decide to have a trample party. The girls mount the male’s abdomens. The girls do jumps for their conditioning. This will help them with their balance for cheer. The males cry out. It is hard for them to handle the three-girl trample train. Wimps! The girls ignore their cries and keep trampling. They think male pain is funny. “Look at my butt as I trample you!” Says Princess Macy. The pathetic male slave has no choice but to suffer and be teased by Macy’s ass. Slaves should be treated with equal unfairness. They make sure to distribute the pain evenly between the two. “Pretty girls can do whatever they want!” Says Natalya. The girls decide to make up some routines. Kind of like a gymnastics routine, but using an ugly male body in place of a balance beam. They make it a competition to see who can make up the best combo. Macy’s combo displays her athleticism. Natalya’s combo is more lyrical. Lilah’s combo really sticks the dismount. Every combo features plenty of abdomen stomping. They try the combos on both slaves to see how they feel on both a fat and thin body type. The girls plan to take their combos to a sorority contest and you never know if the slave they are using for the beam will be fat or thin, so you have to practice with both to prepare. With so much practice the Brat Princess is a shoo-in for this year’s sorority trample contest!

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