Brat Princess – Kawaii – Ballbusting Line Up

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Duration: 09:30
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Kawaii has two ballbusting slaves. She lines the boys up and gets ready to knock ‘em down. The slaves have to rotate in order, like an assembly line. Kawaii wants no breaks, just a constant flow of balls to kick. If one slave is down, then she wants the other up. At no time should she have no slave at the ready for her boot. Kawaii laughs. Even with two slaves sharing her kicks it is too much for them. The slaves are both in agony. Midway through they are doubled over and deferring to each other to take the next kick. Kawaii has no mercy for either slave. She drops them both solidly and makes them kiss her boots while they are on the ground. After they kiss her boots the slaves must kiss her ass with gratitude.

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