Brat Princess – Kat Soles Macy Cartel – Lets Beat this Loser for Laughs

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Duration: 10:05
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

Kat is mad. Her idiot old-man-slave forgot to pick her up from cheer practice and she had to wait outside for ten minutes. Kat tattles on the idiot slave to her big step-sister, Macy. Now he’s going to have to face punishment from both sisters. Kat decides that she wants to give the old man a beating he won’t forget. The enraged girls encroach swiftly on the old man and start hitting. He lays on the ground weakly, accepting his deserved beating. The sisters giggle while their old-man slave writhes on the ground. He is so humiliated to be beaten by an 18-year-old cheerleader and her hot step-sister. Hitting idiots is a great way for girls to take out their anger. The starved and abused old man goes limp on the ground as he is beaten. The girls throw cold water on him to wake him back up. They aren’t finished punishing him and they want him alert enough to feel all the humiliation and pain.

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