Brat Princess – Jennifer – Trample Spit Face Slap Abuse

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Duration: 09:54
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Jennifer loves how she can slap a big fat man in his face. He can’t stop her. She is pretty and he is a big fat ugly man. The police will always believe a pretty girl over a big fat ugly man. Jennifer slaps his face over and over. She spits in his face over and over. The fat man has to take it. Jennifer shouts at it to keep its face straight while she slaps his face as hard as she can. Jennifer is enraged at the man. She stand on his chest and tramples him. Jennifer continues to spit and slap him even while she is standing on him. Jennifer rocks back and forth in her heels. This drives her heels into the gut of the slave. The slave grunts from the pain and humiliation of constant slaps. Jennifer tramples the slave some more. She even starts jumping on him! This video is an amazing Princess Jennifer video. She is so cruel. She abuses slaves physically, mentally and emotionally. She is a complete sadist.

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