Brat Princess – Jennifer Mia Lola – Mean Girls Slap Lolas Favorite Teacher

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Duration: 08:33
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Woodman is in big trouble. They are back from the mall and Woodman did not buy everything they wanted. The girls begin to savagely slap him in his face over and over. Lola is so sad seeing her favorite teacher beat up by the mean girls. They make Lola slap him as well. If she wants to be like the mean girls she will slap her teacher. Mia holds Woodman’s head in place by his ears and Jennifer slaps the sense out of him. Now it is Lola’s turn. Lola does not slap hard enough at first but she does catch on eventually. Jennifer goes back to slapping his face. Back and forth she goes over and over again and again. The girls make Lola watch as they slap him over and over. In the end Jennifer reminds Lola that they all slapped Woodman. Lola will get in just as much trouble now

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