Brat Princess – Ivory Kat Soles – Chastity Cycling for Sorority Contest

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Duration: 11:24
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Kat asked Ivory to help her train her idiot for this spring’s sorority chastity contest. Kat has idiot locked in chastity tube and lets him out to edge for her. After the old idiot gets to an edge, Kat gives the “chastity” command. The old idiot now must get into its chastity tube as fast as he can. Ivory times it. The girls would like him to get it under 20 seconds tonight. Kat is the boss of the old idiot. She decides. She decided she wants the old idiot to squeeze into a Vice Mini chastity tube. Ivory takes measurements before and after to show off how much compression the Vice Mini gives a male. Kat wants to win

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