Brat Princess – Ivory Kat Soles – Beta Jerker gets Cum Swallowing Humiliation

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Duration: 10:29
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Kat and Ivory tease their idiot beta and encourage it to stroke for them. The beta has been locked in chastity for a long time. It no longer remembers how to masturbate, so the girls show him how. They give him instructions and tell him exactly how to stroke for them. They make the beta idiot inhale the smell of their feet while he strokes. They take the beta to the edge of climax over and over. The dummy must edge himself exactly as the girls instruct. They play “Princess Says.” The stupid beta cannot follow instructions for a simple game. The beta spills into a cup. The girls make him drink it all. The beta must say, “thank you,” to the pretty girls and slurp his own gross spouge.

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