Brat Princess – Ivory Kat Soles – Ballbusting Endurance Test ends in Trip to the ER

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Duration: 08:19
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Ivory and Kat’s beta needs to work on his ballbusting endurance. The girls want to monetize the beta as much as they can, which includes making ballbusting clips that they can sell on the Internet. The beta does not want to be kicked in the balls for the girl’s profit, but they do it to him anyway. It really, really hurts to get kicked in the balls, but the girls make him take it for them on camera. This is not really what the beta signed up for, but a beta has no power and must do whatever his Princess wants. The slave tries to use a safe word, but the girls ignore him. This isn’t BDSM play this is real and the beta really has no choice. The beta begs to be locked back into chastity, but the girls aren’t done yet. They kick the beta in the balls until he needs to go to the hospital. A real ballbusting session doesn’t end until the beta needs stitches.

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