Brat Princess – Brianna Kat Soles – Ballbusting Takedown

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Duration: 09:42
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Kat is so excited to measure her step-brother! As stated in the guidelines set by the Department of Beta control, a male must measure 6” or more in order to qualify as a “real man.” Anything less and Kat gets to lock her step-brother up in chastity! Kat really hopes that her step-brother turns out to be a beta because she would LOVE to wear his key. Kat’s step-brother only measures 3.” He is definitely beta! Ellis begs his Step-Mother and step-sister not to lock him up. The women tell Ellis that rules are rules. The State mandates that if he is a beta he must be locked. The females send Ellis into the bathroom and tell him to put the chastity device on. When Ellis emerges from the bathroom, he must hand the key to his step-sister. Ellis must learn to obey and serve his sibling Keyholder. He cries while he licks his step-sister’s dirty flip flops. The females are totally indifferent to his misery. In fact, Step-Mother and step-daughter both seen to enjoy it.

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