Brat Princess – Amadahy Jennifer – You can only Cum while Wearing a Chastity Tube

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Duration: 13:01
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Chastity coach Jennifer believes that slaves need to cum every 6 to 18 weeks. This slave has just reached 6 weeks. She believes that a slave should be only able to cum while in chastity. He has been in chastity for only 6 weeks! This is Jennifer’s minimum. The girls announce that he can cum but he has to stay in chastity. Jennifer gets right in his face and tells him to moan like a girl while Amadahy uses the Hitachi on his balls. Jennifer lets him know he will have to eat his cum. It’s good for him! The slave is having trouble coming but the girls keep at it. He is so desperate to cum. Jennifer laughs at him trying so hard to cum. Finally he shoots a huge load across the room. The girls laugh and laugh at him! Now he has to recycle it. The girls scoop up his cum with a spoon and feed it to him. This clip is amazing!

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