Brat Princess – Amadahy Jennifer – Burn the Human Ashtrays Mouth

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Duration: 08:33
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Amadahy and enjoy a smoke break and use the ball kicking slaves mouth for ashes, spit, and butts. The girls take their time spitting and ashing repeatedly into the ball kicking slave’s mouth. The ash and spit turn into a disgusting slurry it has to choke down. When it comes time to put the butts out, both girls take turns grinding their butts onto the slave’s tongue. The slave cries out from the burning which just makes the girls smile and grind it harder. Jennifer is especially cruel. She pokes her lit cigarette butt all over the slaves tongue burning him each time. Eventually she grinds it out onto his tongue while laughing at his pain. This is a very cruel human ashtray clip. Buy it now!

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