Brat Princess – Alexis Grace – Uses Human Ashtray to Dispose of Butt Gum

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Duration: 04:51
Quality: 1280x720 HD

A slave obediently waits for Alexis outside until it’s time for her cigarette break. She uses the slave as a receptacle for her ashes as she takes long slow pulls on her cigarette. She ashes into the slave’s mouth. When she has finished smoking she tells the slave to cup it’s tongue. She fills the tongue with her spit and puts the cigarette out in it. She places the butt into it’s open mouth. She takes some chewing gum from her mouth and adds that to the mouth as well. When the mouth is full of all her refuse; she tells the slave to swallow. She puts her hand on the slave’s throat to make sure it has swallowed it all.

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