Brat Princess – Alexis Grace Meana – Eating Cum from Condom Part 2

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Duration: 05:37
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Mistress Meana begins to mesmerize Danni. Danni is now very susceptible to verbal suggestions. Mistress Mean begins to plant suggestions into his head that he loves cum from Goddess Alexis. She gives him a trigger word of ‘pink’. When Danni hears that word ‘pink’ he now opens his mouth for girls to dump their boyfriends condoms into. Alexis then empties the rest of her boyfriend’s condoms into his mouth. Alexis is so happy. Danni just opens his mouth and she can put condom load after condom load into his mouth without out any fuss. Meana watches as Alexis wrings out condoms into his mouth. In this state, Danni is unable to resist. Mean has mesmerized him into being a cum dumpster. Danni gets his chastity tube tightened and they schedule another chastity checkup in 6 months.

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