Brat Princess – Alexa Rydel Amadahy – Slave Fed Toenails Foot Dust by Preening Trio

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Duration: 14:00
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Amadahy, Alexa and Lola are having a girls night in. Amadahy wants to get her feet ready for a beach wedding next week. Below Alexas chair lies a human receptacle, ready to service their feet and take all the waste. The Princesses plan a shopping trip as Lola brushes Amadahys hair. Amadahy shaves her foot dust straight into the slaves waiting mouth. The dust gets washed down with Princess spit. Alexa shaves a good amount of foot dust into a Pedi Egg. When the Pedi Egg is full, Alexa dumps all of the foot dust into the slaves mouth. Lola trims her toenails. She puts a handful of toenails straight into the waste bin. All three girls work at filling the receptacle. Amadahy gathers an impressive amount of foot dust. She feeds all of it to the bin. The slave worships Amadahys feet while Lola and Alexa file. Lola dumps a bunch of foot dust into the waste bin. Amadahy and Lola mix their spit together in the slaves mouth and make it swallow it all down. The girls feet are feeling much softer!

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