Brat Princess 2 – Kat – Crawl Over Here And Kiss My Feet Old Man

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Duration: 18:23s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

4K Kat makes the loser lick the bottoms of her dirty heels. She counts her tribute while he licks the dirt from her shoes. Kat gets mad that her loser tried to give her some singles. She hates singles. They’re peasant money. Princess doesn’t want anything smaller than a twenty. Kat laughs at her old fool while it cleans her shoes with his tongue. He is so pathetic. Kat can make the old fool do anything she wants. The old man is so desperate to make the pretty 18-year-old girl happy. Kat spits on her shoe and makes the old loser lick it off. He does it and Kat laughs. She completely owns him. Kat makes the old loser beg to worship her feet. It begs. Kat uses the old fool for a foot worshipping. He is such a pathetic dirty old man. Kat knows she’s got him ready for a deep wallet fuck. She tells him that they are going to go to the ATM and she is going to fuck his wallet hard. The old fool agrees to do whatever his Princess wants. Kat is pleased.

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