Brain Candy – Sugar Rush Mind Melt – Princess Miki

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Duration: 11:56
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: ASIAN

This file utilizes binaural beats and a whisper track to take you into a deeply erotic trance. Watch this in a dark room with headphones to allow My sweet voice and delicious body to carry you into another dimension of worship and obsession.**

Your mind and your cock constantly crave Me, and the cravings urge you to indulge in Me yet another time. But every time you satiate your cravings, the addiction and your dependence for Me intensifies.

But you don’t want your appetite for being My good boy to go away, do you? Each time your cock twitches with desire, you think of Me. The ache and hunger itself has become pleasurable in many ways.

You want to taste every single spoonful of verbal sugar that I feed you, and stroke to the visual candy that you melt in the presence of. You want to goon and binge on the sweet sensation of ecstasy all night.

Swallow every bit of this candy — nothing feels better than to indulge in Me, so don’t worry about what’s good for you. Get lost in the flavor of submission.

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