BareBackStudios – Brooklyn Chase – My Hot New StepMom – Losing My Virginity

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I am sitting on my bed one afternoon, when my hot step-mom walks in to my bedroom. “What are you doing in here?!” I ask her. “I was bored and I wanted to hang out with you!” she exclaims. She walks over to me and she’s wearing a silky, black bathrobe that exposes her cleavage. “Your dad is away on a business trip AGAIN! He leaves me SO neglected and honestly honey, I really need dick…” she confesses to me. “What?!” I exclaim. “I’ve seen you staring at my big tits when I’m wearing a bikini!” she tells me. “Yeah, I have…” I admit. She tells me that this would be a secret between the two of us and that my dad would never have to find out! She unties the string around her bathrobe, and she is completely naked underneath! “Wow! Can I grab your boobs?!” I ask her. “Of course you can!” she tells me. I reach out and grab her huge tits, and I can instantly feel my cock getting hard. “Now, pull that dick out for me!” she giggles. I confess to her that I am a virgin so I might be a little shy. She wraps her lips around my cock and she sucks my cock nice and slow at first, to ease me in to it. After she sucks my cock for a few minutes, she tells me that she wants me to fuck her pussy now. She lies down on the bed and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position. She starts to moan really loud and I can tell that she loves fucking me! I accidentally cum inside of her pussy, since it’s so tight! “Whoops… I came inside of you… I hope that’s okay…” I tell her. “Yes, it’s okay! We just have to keep this our little secret!” she reminds me, as she grabs her bathrobe and exits my bedroom…

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