AstroDomina – Wifes realistic confession 2

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Duration: 34:29
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is a continuation of “Wife’s Realistic Confession – Part 1” —————- This second confrontation occurs two nights after your first confession. Your wife continues to take more control of your sex life. She knew she got you right where she wants you—particularly after your wife’s revelations two nights ago turned you on so much, and even more so after last night, during which she did a little “test run” by humiliating you publicly about your little dick. You are at her mercy. Early on, she’s temporarily back to being more sweet and kind-sounding—but that attitude quickly changes as she takes more and more control over you, getting tougher and more direct with. Tonight, she takes humiliating pictures of your little penis. As she recounts the humiliating public SPH “outing” experience at a drugstore last night, she explains the three new “Rules” that will govern your sex life from now on—including “permission” for her to flirt openly with other men. As she realizes her sexual power over you is growing, it turns you on more and more. By the end, she leaves you hanging on your every word—sexually denied, and barely able to wait until “tomorrow” night, when she’ll finally actually tell you about your lunch last week with your black friend, “Reggie”, along with other secrets you’ve been keeping from her.

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