Astro Domina – PEGGED IN A WEB OF ROPES 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 15:58
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

As you walk towards your teacher’s office for a private tutoring session, you’re a little nervous. You’ve heard rumors about Sydney taking advantage of new students in a variety of ways. She seems very nice and welcoming, even offering you a glass of water. What you don’t realize is that she put something in the glass and next thing you know you’re tied up butt naked to a big bondage bed. Nowhere to go. Face down, ass up. And Sydney’s wearing a big strap-on. There is no doubt in your mind what she’s about to do with it. A few minutes later, the big strap-on is balls deep into your ass. It’s not the tutoring session you came for, but at least you learned something new.

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