Astro Domina – Panty fashion show 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 09:26
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

One of the things you just love paying for is all my amazing outfits and lingerie, well it’s your lucky day because I’ve decided to give you a little fashion show… Get ready to feast your eyes on some of Sydney’s sexiest panties and stockings that YOU paid for as she struts her stuff right in your face. First you get to witness her trying on lacy black panties with garters and stockings. She laughs and giggles in your face as you’re treated to some closeups of her amazing ass. After this she changes into a blue and white skimpy getup fit for a new bride, teasing you with her assets and twirling in front of you, bragging about how yummy she looks, just like a birthday cake! Finally you’re treated to her new red lingerie, complete with smart new glasses. She talks to you as if she was your teacher, and unfortunately you’ve been a naughty student and need to stay after class. She knows how much power she has over you wearing the outfits you paid for. Maybe since you’ve been such a good boy, you just might get to take it off her..

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