Astro Domina – No Nut November Part 1 Lock Down

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Are you ready for your next challenge, beta boy? Better listen up, it’s going to be a long month for you.. Now with Locktober over, Sydney bets you thought you were going to get a little relief. Well, before you get too excited, don’t forget what this month is – that’s right, it’s No Nut November! Yes, it’s that wonderful time of the year where the leaves turn color, the days grow shorter and well, your dick goes right into chastity for the Goddess. She know’s it’s difficult for you, being such a horny little worshipper, but you want to prove to her just how devoted you are, don’t you? Also, this will just make it even more fun for her to tease you! You become such a good, obedient slave when you aren’t worried about your own pleasure and can focus more on serving your Goddess. You know this is the best way, and she loves it when you obey her. So as hard as it might be, go ahead and throw that cage on and make sure it’s nice and tight. It will make her very happy and will make this month extra fun as you are tormented by all her teasing. But don’t worry, at the end of the month she promises to let you out, when you’ll have such an amazing, explosive orgasm for her, all that stored up cum will just burst out and it will make it all worth it. So get ready for a challenging month, and lock yourself up for your Goddess!

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