Astro Domina – Cum Collector

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Duration: 15:58s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

When you wake up, you see Sydney still wearing her outfit from the funeral where you met her. You thought you picked her up but it turns out, she’s the one who picked you up. You didn’t notice she was the only Asian at a funeral with nothing with white people. So now here you are, immobile, watching Sydney tie you up. She must have slipped something in your glass. After tying your feet, Sydney moves to your crotch. She puts on her gloves and gets to work on your cock. What she wants is your cum. She preys on sad men at funerals where she takes their essence by making them cum. With her gloves on, she starts stroking your cock with both hands, and as much as you try to resist giving her your cum, there is no denying her. You explode all over her gloves. Another cum collection completed.

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