Astro Domina and Mizzy Red and Domina Fire – Filipinas Foot Bitch

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Duration: 11:20s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Do you think you can handle three of our filipina feet in your face at the same time? We’re gonna find out! You’re late to your session, Goddess Sydney can’t believe it. She has two of her hot filipina Domme friends with her – Mizzy Red and Domina Fire and you had the gall to show up late? Get on your knees now, bitch! You’re going to pay for this. Get down right now and kiss their boots and beg for forgiveness. They rip into you about how pathetic you are, and how you don’t even deserve to eat the dirt off their heels, so you should be thankful they’re even giving you the opportunity. You’ll just have to sit there and take a triple verbal assault as they make fun of how pathetic you look down there and how badly you want to worship all of their feet. Domina Fire even spits at you and makes you lick it up. Even that is way too good for such a pitiful foot bitch like you. Finally they remove all their boots, revealing their feet in fishnets and stockings. They really stink from being stuck in those shoes all day, but they know you don’t care – they can see your little submissive boner sticking out of your pants. Fire dips her foot in the spit you missed and makes you suck it off her feet. Gross little pig! You had better thank all of them profusely for this privilege!

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