Ariel Anderssen – Chastity for You Silk Scarves for Me

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Duration: 15:57s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re such a naughty nephew! Imagine rooting around in your aunt’s silk scarf collection without my knowledge. Well, since I caught you at it last month, things have certainly changed around here! I’ve locked you in a tiny chastity cage and how I love to tease you with my silk scarves while you’re wearing it! I tie your hands behimd your back, and tease you mercilessly with my collection – wafting them in the direction of your caged cock, and tying them around my neck in different styles – which do you like best? Is this making you hard? I can’t even tell, lol, with that cage you’re wearing! I think I’ll give you a little treat, to check just how aroused you are. You cam touch yourself through the chastity cage, and I’ll count you down. Obviously you aren’t allowed to actually cum, but you can have a ruined orgasm and then you can eat your cum for me can’t you darling? To show you how obedient you are for your mistress! I love sitting and emjoying the sight of you, so sexually frustrated, while I make you look at me in my gorgeous satin dressing gown, fully fashioned stockings and silk scarf knotted stylishly at my neck! What fun!

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