Andrea Rosu and Luna Lain – Girlfriend Peg Training

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Duration: 20:31s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I have you tied up and on your knees when the doorbell rings. Your sweet young girlfriend is at the door. I, Step Mommy dearest, let her in and decide to take this opportunity to get to know her more (while you’re in the dungeon). I pry; wanting to know how she feels the relationship is going. Unsurprisingly, she finally admits that you tend to be passive. Granted, you are so good at cleaning, doing laundry, yard work etc. But in the bedroom…you don’t take initiative. I begin to explain to her about your nature. I decide to show her first hand…or more specifically, how to gain the upper hand. I’m now, dressed in mouthwatering leather, in our secret special room. I explain to you that it’s my job as your (step)Step-Mommy to properly train not just you, but your girlfriend as well. I call Luna in, and she’s absolutely shocked by what she sees

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