Amy Wynters – Step-Sisters Stinky Slipper JOI 1080p

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Duration: 10:25
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You get caught lusting over your step-sisters stinky old slippers which she finds highly amusing. She says she is going to tell everyone what a little freak you are but you beg her not too. She tells you that if you want her to keep your secret then you’ll have to be her little bitch from now on, to your shame this excites you more which is even more amusing to her. She tells you to get your cock out & show her how much you really love those smelly old slippers. She tells you how to stroke for her, teasing you the whole time about being such a dirty little slipper freak. When she counts you down to cum in her slipper she takes pics for extra leverage but you don’t even care it feels so good to finally bury your face in your step-sisters slippers.

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