Amandatoy – Tentacle Monsters Abduct a Princess

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Duration: 15:56
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

A princess is taken from her castle by horny and money hungry tentacle monsters. The princesses dad would do anything to get her back safely. But the pretty princess is in a lot of trouble right now, because the monsters have very bad and malicious intentions when it comes to her. The princesses big boobs look so juicy the monsters cant wait to attached her by swarming in to her tight pussy not caring for the princesses pleads to stop. They make the princess film herself for a ransom video while the tentacles fuck her ass and pussy even creampieing both of her holes. After this the princess thinks the attac is over but the tentacles fill all her holes again and again. This is where the ransom video for her dad ends. The princesses current where abouts are unknown.

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