Amandatoy – Backstage With Hatsune Miku

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Duration: 14:38
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Backstage after the concert… Miku is feeling super horny and she need her assistans help. She opens her top to show you her massive tits, and starts oiling them up. While your cock gets so hard it almost hurts, so you start jerking it to relive yourself, while she goes on playing with her tits right infront of you. She sees how hard and vainy your big dick is so she wants to help you by titty fucking you. After this you just wanna put you hard cock in her pretty mouth, as deep as possible and fuck her face. She has no panties on and you can see her phat pussy under the dress, so now you want to shove your cock there, and she starts bouncing and she bounces till you cant do it anymore and cum inside her.

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